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Useful Information

Tip Overs, Extra Services & Vandelism

Tip Overs

Sometime, even after the best planning, events occur beyond everyone's control.
Weather conditions, especially during stormy periods of the year, may lead to situations know in the industry as a "tip over". The toilet is no longer upright and cannot preform the service for which it was intended. High winds can turn these units over and generally CES doesn't tie our units down as more damage is done when winds get that intense. If your site experiences a "tip over", please call us and we'll have one of our service techs there as soon as we can schedule it. Please remember, if it has been stormy in the area, your unit might not be the only one down.

Extra Service

Occasionally, useage of the toilet units might dictate additional services each week to maintain a satifactory level of sanitation. ANSI standards call for 1 toilet for every 7-10 full time workers on site for a 40 hour work week with service being performed once a week. As we all know, at certain times during projects, the number of workers on site can grow rapidly for a short time. This usually occurs when several specialty crews are working together. In the event this is happening, call CES and inquire about the availability to add an extra service. Everyone on site will apprieciate it!




Vandelism - we never know when it will strike. Sometimes it is juveniles or pranksters having "fun" by tipping over the toilet or "moving" the toilet to a different location. Regardless of the circumstances, this impacts your work site. CES does offer a Damage Waiver, which acts like an insurance policy for you. For little more than $0.25 a day per unit, you have the peace of mind knowiing that you are covered in the event something like this happens to the CES rental property on your work site. Check with CES to add this coverage to your job sites.

Damaged Toilet

For additional information or answers to some of your questions, please refer to our Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Request Info